You can make a robot by taking motor, led,some clothes,cardboard ,buttons,sketchpen,tyres.first you can make yo  u can put motor with tyres and attach to hard cardboard which will act as the legs then you can make it round and connect wires and like this only you ca make a robot with joining it with diff thing and covering with clothes and stuffing with cotton.
U can use mount board or board where u need four dc motors in that cut it into a shape of a robot and mage for legs for it fix it with nuts and bolts and then make a place to hold the motor and then connect them to batteries make sure u r using a powerful one or use multiple batteries.cut one more square in the mount or Sun board and then connect four press keys then connect one side of battery to the motor and the other side to the press key and then take one more wire and then connect it to the motor firm the other side of the key, foo the same thing for all the motors and to keep it clean put all the Wires together ( the Wires connected to the remote from the robot) tape it.stitch on the battery and control it with the keys(in the remote) then u r good to go.if u have any doubts reply here