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Loard ullin was a very powerful person and stubborn person. he was ruler by heart but however , at the end ,his heart ruled his head although it was very late. he regretted losing his daughter because of his arrogance and tyrammical approach.
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lord ullin's daughter is a poem written by thomas campbell.this poem narrates a sad event of the daughter of a nobleman of was a stormy night.a chieftain of highland clan of ulva isle who was eloping with the daughter of lord ullin promised to pay the boatman a silver pound if he could row them over the was their third day of their flight and he knew that the lord would kill him if he could find them.the boatman assured them that he would do his best for the beautiful lady and row them over the ferry.but the storm grew more and more violent and it was a severely dreary night.armed horsemen have heard to have come very close and the lady grew dismayed.the stormy land was left behind but the torrential sea was ahead.the situation was beyond human control,so the boat capsized.when the father reached the shore , it was too late, the girl could only stretch her hand for aid, the other clasped round her lover.the father shouted out for promises to forgive her but the wild water gushed out over her and the father was left wailing.

From this passage we can see that Lord Ullin was a very stubborn person.He was a very good ruler and person by heart but did not understand the love of the chieftain and her daughter.this was his biggest mistake which at last resulted in the death of his daughter and the chieftain.
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