Structure of a pollen is important because pollen will fit in only in the stigma of same kind of flower. The process of male gamate meeting the female gamate is called pollination. The agents of pollination are :- by insects, by wind and by water. Please click thanks and brainliest answer.
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Pollination is the process of pollen grains from pollen sacs of the anthers falling or sitting on the stogma of the same plant or a different plant is called pollination. The anthers and filaments are the male parts of the flowering plants and the stigma and style are the female parts of the flower. there are many pollinating agents such as wind insects and water. wind pollinated flowers are having long stigmas with a feathery appearence. the wind pollinated flowers have very light pollen grains and flow in the direction of wind blowing. the insect pollinated flowers have bright coloured feathers and produse nectar and sent to attract the insects towards them thus the pollination happens by the Pollen Grain sticking to the insect body and transferring it to the stigma of another plant. the water pollinating plants have pollen grains that have an equal mass of that of water thus pollination happens this way...

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