About natural resources. ....... 1,way are the effects 2,adventages 3,why?????
Question: Name two important uses of coal and petroleum.

Answer: Coal is used as energy input in metallurgical operations like the making of iron and steel and for generating power plants. Petroleum is refined to make automobile and aviation fuels like petrol, diesel and kerosene. It is also used in extracting many important petrochemical (alkanes, alkynes, alkenes, aromatic hydrocarbons etc.) used in manufacturing of products e.g. rayon, nylon etc.
Question: What are fossil fuels?

Answer: The fuels which are formed by the decomposition of dead and decayed matter many millions of years ago resulting in hydro carbon compounds are known as fossil fuels. Coal and petroleum are fossil fuels.
What is water harvesting?
Suggest some measures for the conservation of forests
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