What is mean by the word "kindness" ?

Kindness is showing a benevolent , courteous, friendly,generous,gentle,liberal,sympathetic,or warm hearted bevaviour.Kindness is not a thing to be boasted.We should be kind from the core of our heart.We should always to kind to others and never be rude to anyone.

"Small act of kindness"

We need not do great deeds of kindness.Kindness is something which even a blind person see.Small acts of kindness are enough to live a happy life.We always keep good and happy after being kind to someone.

"Small act of kindness can make big difference"

Helping someone a little can result in great rewards.We may not be aware of it but it do sometimes happen so.Today we should help anyone and be kind to everyone.If we do so then only tomorrow others will be kind to me too and always help me in my need.