Ques1.Anne Sullivan was conscious of the narrators apprehensions and worries describe how she attempted to motivate her ?
Ques2.describe Helen's visit to world's fair.
Ques3.what role did books play in Helen's life? What was peculiar about her habit of reading as a child?
Ques4.how did Mr Keith help Helen prepare for her examination for radcl



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Ques.2-Helen visited the world's fair in 1893 with Ms. Anne Sullivan and Dr. Graham Bell. She witnessed entire world under her fingertips. She visited India, Egypt, Venice and Africa at the fair. She shares her joy of examining a ship which was modeled after Columbus' ship. At the exhibit of Cape of good hope she witnessed the process of diamond cutting and washing. She encapsulates her journey of beholding the sights of Shivas , Ganeshas and the majestic Pyramids as event taken from "Arabian Nights
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