I believe that the environment is so important because it serves as an amazing educational tool for supports human life. One of the largest examples of this is that we get all of our food and drinks from something in the environment. We get all of our meat, fish, vegetable, fruits, dairy products, clothes, and even materials to make buildings and houses from some organic item in the environment. Even all of the processed foods and drinks we consume cannot be made without ingredients gathered from nature. If the environment were to be destroyed beyond revival, then the human race would be over in a matter of months. With no fertile land to grow crops, there would be massive crop shortages. There would be a massive ripple effect throughout the food chain, as there would be no viable food source for the group above and all animals would starve. Also, if we were to damage or pollute the environment, the worlds freshwater would be polluted as well.  the environment is so valuable because it is irreplaceable, keeps us alive, and serves as a great educational tool. Without it, the repercussions would be felt in extreme ways. Preservation of the environment is so important and without it we would be extinct.