I can play in my community to uphold children's right in following ways :-

1) We can make the children aware towards their right.

2) We should tell them about there life and rights which is given by the constitutions to them.

3) We should tell them that they should study well to be a good and rich citizen.

4) We should tell them about 
They do not undergo any form of excitement. 

Our Constitution provides for several types of child rights. It is our duty that we are aware of around preserving the rights of the child. According to me if our community is to educate people about child rights, so we definitely have to give children their rights. 

For example, the right to education to spread awareness in society, can help to educate all children. Child labor is prohibited in our country. If a complaint can only be made if the child has wages. According to their ability to aid poor children have conveyed their rights.