Dear dad,
i hope this letter finds you and mother in good health. how are you doing ? i am doing fine.I wrote this letter to ask your permission for sending me to country side this summer vacation with my friend. I want to accompany my friend in his tour so that he doesn't feel lonely.He is going new there and i have already had an experience when i went there with my school friends.I would also enjoy there and promise to concentrate on my studies.So please lent me permission to accompany him, i would be glad if you do so.Thank you dad .

your lovingly,
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                                                                                  from :
                                                                                  plot number 178-179,
                                                                                  flat number 406,
                                                                                  L.V.N colony,

dear dad,
               I am fine and I hope you are also sailing in the same boat of mine. dad I had done my exams very well and we are going to have vacations this time again. I am writing this letter to ask you about my visit and to get permission also.
            dad as I said before also I am having summer vacations this time. this vacations I am planning to come to our country side so that I can enjoy and even I would like to get a friend of mine so that I can have a accompany and I want fell bore and even I would like to show him/her all the place in our country side.
                I hope you will reply me as soon as possible and convey my regards to mom and love to my big brother. 
                                                                                            yours lovingly
To :
dad's name,
plot number 131-132,
flat number 202,
P.V.N colony,
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