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Alice in wonderland was a story of a girl whose name was Alice. she went to a place called wonderland and got mixed up with those joys.
In rapunzel a girl has so long hair that it is difficult for someone to actually tie them up. she got away from her parents at a very tiny age and then met a stepmother and lived with her. the one day she fell in love with a man who helped her get back with parents. they married each other and lived happily ever since.
Cinderella is a story about a girl named Ella whose parents died when she was a kid. she met her step family. they used to trouble her a lot. then one day rhe prince of the kingdom had a ball dance party at his palace where Ella also wanted to go but she couldn't coz of her step mother and step sisters. then when they left home for the ball a fairy god mother appeared and helped cinderella to get a nice dress and a carriage and also a look that steps' wouldn't be able to recognize Ella. at the ball the prince fell in love with Ella and so after a few struggles they got married.
In the story snow white and the little dwarfs a girl is so white in complexion that people kept her name as snow white. a wicked witch gave her a poisoned apple and the effects took snow white to a cottage where she found a house and started living there. few moments after the dwarfs came and git a shock that such a big beautiful girl here. after getting settled with them a moment occured where snow white mey the prince and both of them fell in love with each other and later got married.
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