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                             The autobiography of raindrop  
I am a raindrop. I was first living in an sea but due to the process od evaporation and condensation I had to go to the clouds and settle there for some days with many other rain drops also. I was then one day touched by the cool breeze and I had to then come down to the earth again in the form of raindrop. this time I did not go and mix into some river or lake I went into an ocean where there were other rain drops also. we all together were taken to the cleaning center for the usage by the people for their needs. then we were cleaned with many substances and at last we had to go to an dam near by. so that we are stored their for our usage by the humans. I was first to much scared when I was returning back to earth but there were many other like me only who were coming down and we all together had a lot of fun while coming down back to the earth.
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