You may get some hints from following extract

Dear X,

It's 2045. I have no idea who's has the #1 Billboard tune at the moment, or who president, or what vogue craze everyone's wearing. I don't understand who's in it or what your life looks like. I only understand that you just are 50 this year, and your 15-year-old self wonders about you occasionally, and has hopes for you.

It is scary and amazingly painful occasionally, plus it often feels like you are doing nothing but just loitering around, but the reality is the fact that this is the most love you've revealed yourself, ever, in your entire life. You are doing this hard work now to ensure Future X has less weight on her shoulders and is happier and healthier. You are investing in yourself. So I really hope that at 45, you're healthy and happy and less burdened, but I also expect that you're still working. I am hoping you never cease.

That thing you do, take good care of yourself but also where you're feeling just like you are egotistical for establishing limits with folks to help you be there for them? I hope that's more easy for you now. I am hoping you have finally was able to ban the word "weak" from your self-dialogue, because that word is so unfair. You are not required to lie down on every bed of nails you're presented with to show to somebody else which you are a good man or to demonstrate to yourself that you are tough, and so I hope you've had the opportunity to discontinue that.

I trust you've learned that it is okay to acknowledge everything you prefer, so you do not have to play with that game where you convince yourself you do not need something in order to make it fine that you do not have it. I expect saying "I want..." does not make you feel humiliated and diminished anymore, and I hope you've figured out why you used to feel that way, because at 15, I Had give all that I 've to know the solution.

I am hoping that you're still (and always will be) able of this sort of introspection, since I think it's how you are going to save yourself.

Wherever you're and whatever you have executed, I hope you feel whole and proud and executed. I hope people and things that bring you joy surround you, and I really hope you return it in kind. I am hoping that you've located quiet, peaceful places in your thoughts as well as your heart when it gets too dark so you can go there. I trust skinny jeans have gone out of style. I am hoping you have composed a novel, even if nobody buys it but your mother. I am hoping you are living your life with grace and poise and lots and plenty of laughter.

I really hope you're happy.


Hope this helps:)
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