Baldeo means the God of strength.Baldeo was a poor tribal.He managed his rice fields and also worked as a night watchman (khalasi) at a railway station which was three miles away from his village.It shows that Baldeo was sincere and hard-working fellow.He worked day-in and day-out to support his family.It also shows how duty conscious he was towards his family and his employees.He was fearless.It is evident from the fact that he accepted the job of the watchman at the railway cutting though he had heard about the famous tunnel tiger, a man-eater.It also shows his helplessness.He preferred death to a life of starvation.He was confident of his small axe and was skilled in using the weapon against wild animals.Once he had killed a young boar with it.He was not greedy of money.He refused to part with his axe even for a heavy amount of money offered to him by railway officials.He prided himself on his skill in using the weapon.He gave the tiger a brave fight and met with his end bravely when his axe got struck in the tiger's paw.
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