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industrial  revolution brought  increased production and job opportunities. This enable a large section of people to fulfill their needs. We could find the industrial owners earning a lot from  the revolution by decreasing wages of labours and bring machines instead for them. Thus we could find that the use of industrial revolution gets accumulated to single group -the owners of industries. But the life of the labours got really pathetic. The increased population around the industries brought in slums where a lot were forced to stay. This affected the life of labours. Thus the health condition of them started becoming worse
The need for educated managers meant that the middle class expanded,as did education and the opportunities for it.The growth in both the middle and working classes and the towns and cities they lived in led to political reforms and the extension of the franchise - unlikely to happen if the economy and lifestyle of the vast majority of the population had remained agrarian. Industrialization meant technological advances which benefitted all.