Friends, I want to say some words on such an interesting topic as adventure. First of all, let us ask ourselves what an adventure is?
An Adventure is a task more dangerous, difficult and risky than our usual daily tasks. It gives excitement and thrill. Adventurers convert the challenge into a success.

To be an adventurer we need a lot of confidence, concentration, physical strength, coordination of our body and mind. We need to do careful planning, continuous training, regular update of knowledge, use of technology, use of latest gadgets and physical fitness.

Examples are sky diving and bungee jumping, mountain climbing, rock climbing etc. Often a policeman's life and a detective's life are adventurous. In our childhood we too have done small adventures. Nowadays a number of adventure sports are shown on television channels.
Mandeep Singh Soin and Joydeep Sircar of India are famous mountaineering expediters. Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal circumnavigated the Earth centuries ago. Marco Polo was another adventurous explorer. Recently some Indian boys and girls of 13 years or so had climbed Mount Everest.

I have also done some adventures, and I take pride in telling about them. I will advise everyone to be adventurous in future. Finally, I thank you for listening to me silently and attentively.
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An adventure is something exciting that happens to someone. An adventure can be a made-up story, or it can be something that happens in real life. People often like stories about a person or a group of people who go off and have an adventure. There is often some danger in the story. Enid Blyton and Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote stories about people who have exciting adventures. Harry Potter has lots of adventures: he meets strange people and gets into lots of dangerous situations. People in real life like to have adventures. They may be explorers who like to go to far-away places where no one has ever been before. Adventure sports are sports that are exciting and can be rather dangerous. Skydiving, gliding and rock climbing are adventure sports. An adventure playground is a playground for children where they can climb, swing and jump on things. They have been made by adults for children to use and are normally quite safe. An adventurer is someone who goes on adventures or does things that are risky. Space travel is an example of a modern adventure. An adventure game is a video game about adventures. The word venture is a short form of "adventure". A "business venture" is a business project in which there is a lot of risk. "Venture" can also be a verb: "They ventured out into the storm"