We must take the following steps to save our national river.

1) The National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) must take the full responsibility of the protection of our national river. 

 Analogous to the ‘Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act' for the national flag and anthem, there should be an Act for the national river Ganga. The Ganga should be constitutionally declared as the National River with provisions that ensure due respect to her, considering her National River status.

The bactericidal, health promoting, non-putrefying and self-purifying properties of the water of Ganga should be restored and conserved.

Treatment of the sewage through "Pond System and Plant Based Management of Sewage and Waste Treatment" and using the nutrient reach treated waste water for organic forming, which is the cheapest and durable and need least management and electricity, should be preferred wherever possible.

 Organic farming should be promoted in a massive way for decreasing the non-point sources of pollution of rivers such as hazardous chemicals from agricultural run-off into the rivers, and also for maintaining soil fertility, checking the groundwater degradation, reducing water requirement of crops, protecting human health, etc.No encroachment should be allowed on either side of the banks of Ganga within 200-300 meters.

 The highly earth quake prone, eco-fragile, ecologically invaluable Uttarkhand region of the Ganga Basin must be declared "Ecological Fragile " and its rivers "wild river" and all steps must be taken to protect them and the natural eco-systems they support.

 The ill conceived various dam projects for hydroelectricity on the Alakananda and Mandakini which would cause massive and permanent harm to their invaluable ecology must not be allowed.

Decision on these controversial issues must be postponed till a national consensus on these issues is available on the basis of holistic scientific knowledge about the short-term as well as long-term harmful as well as beneficial consequences of such undertakings. 

 According to the 2014 Living Planet Report of WWF, our planet earth lost 52 percent of its wildlife in past 40 years between 1970 and 2010

We all must take pledge to not waste water and not pollute rivers.