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1. As it is rightly said, Charity begins at home. 2. Just thinking to make a change is not enough. Thoughts should be put into action. 3. Making a change in your society is more easier when you start it from yourself. Elaborating these points can make up the introduction. Introduction should be a bit short. Main body should have the main content. It should say how to make your society a better place to live in and that you are the one responsible for the growth of your society. Example: 1. Todays generation is the only one who can help in making todays society better than the best. 2. Its the behavior and the good manners of oneself that decide the future of his society. Conclusion should be used to convince the reader about your topic. It should be strong enough for the reader to get impressed. Example: 1. To switch off, its only you who can make your society of your dreams change to reality. 2. The welfare of your society depends only upon your behavior and well being.
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if i will be disciplined and mannered then only my nation would get its head high..i wud encourage ppl and frnds to study hard and excel in different fields for sake of nation