As the saying goes - School is our second home. How true is that. Just as it is our responsibility to keep our home blissful, jovial and neat its even our responsibility to keep our second home a happy and better place. School is a place which deserves respect and students are the one who is said to respect their school as well as teachers. We all wish to be happy and likes to make our sorroundings happy. To start with, its ourselves. It is only you who can bring a change. Respecting your friends and teachers is the first step. Helping everyone who wants it is the second step. Whenever you see a wrong thing happening in your class or anywhere near you, never close your eyes to it. Being friendly with everyone is another way. Teasing or making fun of your classmates, friends or even your juniours should never be encouraged. If there is somebody with special needs, helping them in th right way is very essential for a joyful school. Above all spreading good messages, happiness and brights smiles is the most effective way. To conclude, happiness is liked by everyone and theres nobody who hates it. Being good to everyone and spreading happiness to your whole school, from the authorities to even the other house keeping staffs will surely help in keeping yourself and your school happy and jovial.