Benefit of health is right answer
Swatch Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) is one of the greatest movement by GoI, I rather apprehend that why this was initiated ever since Independence and if it was done so then the present generation instead of learning cleanliness would have inherited clean India, any ways we have console ourself by saying “it’s never too late”. We all welcome this initiative of the Govt., but unfortunately in my view Govt. will never be able to achieve its goal with this initiative and I afraid that like other Govt. program SBA may also stubbed in files and funds goes in drain of no use. In my opinion Govt. should induct Solid Waste Management System (SWMS) and Effluent Management / Treatment System (ETS) under the head banner of SBA, only then we can get rid of dung, waste and badly smelling blocked nallas and can achieve the goal of SBA mission. SWMS and ETS should not be limited to cities and towns rather it has to be deeply injected in our society i.e. we have to implement these program in villages and Punchayat level. With the induction and implementation of SWMS and ETS our nation will be benefited in the following manner and can save great amount of revenue. 1. Bio-degradable fertilizers will be generated in great amount and can be used for farming and it can be sold in cheaper rate (than chemical fertilizers) to farmers. 2. Good chunk of subsidy can be utilized for other fruitful program which is given to chemical fertilizers. 3. We can also obtain clean fuel from these Bio-degradable plants which can be used to generate electricity. 4. Our health will also be benefited, as we all know chemical fertilizer are causing adverse effect to our health which we consuming indirectly through the foods we intake. 5. This will save great amount of budget of Health Ministry which is being spend regularly year after year in controlling the diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Dengue and many more. 6. Above all and most important this will generate good amount of job opportunities for both technical and non-technical as well. All these will need great financial support as we are planning to implement these in a large scale i.e. through out India. Well to overcome this Govt. can route these program through Public Private Partnership model (PPP). But please make it must that no local contractor shall be awarded any of its work rather local people should be given priority in construction and commissioning, only national/international grade contractors like L & T, JUSCO, GMR, Shapoorji & Pallonji, DLF and etc may be awarded the job to implement these schemes and that too after completing the job the respective contractor has to obtain the best in class ISO certificate for their work done. Please deploy management people in implementing these kind of mission that too in such a large scale.