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I think one essential episode from the Diary will be the most apparent one in that the family has been constrained into avoiding the Nazis in the Secret Annexe. The journal's structure and substance is completely dependent upon how life in the Secret Annexe creates. I would really say that the second imperative episode in the journal is the relationship that Anne has with her guardians. This is essential on the grounds that it shapes the circular segment of Anne's improvement as a person. The main episode is imperative from a political perspective in light of the fact that it highlights the dread of the Nazis and the hold they had on quite a bit of mainland Europe at the tallness of their energy. I surmise that the second occurrence is essential from an individual perspective in light of the fact that it makes Anne's account an all inclusive one of youthfulness. Amidst unspeakable frightfulness and catastrophe, Anne's association with her guardians indicates how human she truly is and how while the Nazis tried to obliterate everything, they couldn't generally take out the comprehensiveness of the human experience and what unites us as people, as confirm in Anne's journal.