To make poultry farming project you need to collect information
What is poultry farming
Importance of these farming
which place did these farming were use

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For a poultry cultivating venture, you have to incorporate the accompanying focuses: 
1) Introduction: Here, begin with the meaning of poultry cultivating and other 
related terms like layers and grills, Silver upset, and so forth. 
2) Poultry Breeds: Here, discuss the different sorts of breeds like Indian breeds and outlandish breeds. Incorporate the approaches to enhance assortments and why is change important.
3) Egg creation and meat production
4) Poultry care: 
Incorporate focuses about lodging, shield and sustain. Different maladies of poultry.
5) End the undertaking with the present status of poultry cultivating in 
India and its extension for development.