Rearrange the following:

a) consumed/as/group,/more and more of/Earth's/ the/resources/are/human population/the

b) extinction/crisis/explosive/an/consumption/had led/ growth and/an

c) that have/Earth's history/mass extinctions/the/threatens/periodically/during/occurred/the/and/to surpass

d) one everyday/scientists/that/estimate/rate of/species are disappearing/the/at


/More and more of the Earth's resources ARE consumed BY human population as A group/ That's what I'd do with the first one for example
It was given just like this in the book :(
That's why I'm astonished :D



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1.More and more of the Earth's resources are consumed by human population as a group.
2.An extensive consumption had led to growth and crisis of explosive.
3.The Earth's history threatens to surpass the mass extinction that have periodically occured.
Scientists estimate that species are disappearing at the rate of one everyday
2 3 2
There's no extensive in the 2nd question
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1.As The Human Population Grows, More And More Of The Earths Resources Are Consumed..
In Ur Book There Is By Mistake Written Group Instead Of Grows.....
2. An Explosive Growth And Consumption Had Led To An Extinction Crisis..
3.And threatens to surpass the mass extinctions that have occured periodically during the earth's history...
4.Scientists estimate that species are disappearing at the rate of one everyday.
Hope I Have Helped U :)
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