Good morning to one and all. Today i [your name] of class .....would like to present a speech on the topic Republic Day of India. Republic Day is a huge celebration in India. Many activities and competitions are held in schools. This is a  very auspicious occasion for all of us. Since 1950 we are celebrating Republic Day with lots of joy and happiness. Our national flag has 3 colors and a wheel in the center with 24 equal sticks. All the colors have some meaning on the top we have the color saffron which stands for strength and courage. Next we have white which indicates peace and then we have green which denotes prosperity. The blue wheel in middle indicates Dharma Chakra of the great king Ashoka. Every year on 26th January a great arrangement takes place by the different states in India to show the Unity in Diversity in India. As being an India citizen we should fully responsible about our country. Today is the best day where we can take oath to preserve India's meaning and status. We should remember our freedom fighters on this great occasion and salute them. We should try and make India one of the best country. Thanks,Jai Hind.