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India is always an emerging and one of the strongest country worldwide. Citizen's play a vital role in making a country progressed in all fields, let it be economy or educationally . A Citizen has many duties to follow in their country . Now , let me give some responsibilities of a true Indian citizen :-

An Indian citizens should always follow the laws of Indian Judiciary and should abide it whenever in need .

An Indian Citizens should keep his / her country clean and immaculate and also not let other's to make it ''grubby ''

As an Indian Citizens , We shouldn't Cheat our own citizens either by bribing or threatening as a result it also affects our country's good image

We're now living in the 69th Independence of free India , So we must our own  Indian Tradition and culture rather than Western .

As an Indian Citizens , It's our allegiance to follow the traffic rule's Which are provided to us .

A true citizen must pay their taxes because this helps in the development of our country .

Whenever a person does guilty or fault which is against the Indian Law, then we have to take action against it as soon as possible .

We must cooperate with our government and must follow their rules provided to us .

Indian citizens must love one another and respect each other too.

Finally , the person who follow the above duties is said to be a ; '' TRUE INDIAN CITIZENS'' and those who don't follow are '' Traitor ''
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