Your brother is part of the school's hockey team and is the best player. his friend is also part of the team but he tries to keep your brother out of practice. your brother is hurt but does not want to offend his friend. discuss
1. what you would do to help your brother ?
2. what step would you suggest to help resolve the issue ?



. You can help your brother by telling him that in friendship this is very common. Don't feel bad I am sure that your friendship is very strong and he will come and ask you sorry and go talk to your talk to your brother's friend tell him that my brother is feeling really bad he really didn't expect this from you your jealous is spoiling your friendship. Friendship is more important than the hockey game. . You resolve this problem by going and talking to your brother's friend,
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You can take it in the other way : as the world now is very mean and cunning and one person tries to keep another away from what one does and doesn't want another to do better!!
I can also be taken in a positive way.
I think like that because the world today is like that but on the other hand there are some good people too!
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