SOLVE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. 1. if x^2-5x+1=0 then value of x+1/x is____
2. if px^2+3x+q=0 has 2 roots.If x =-1 and x=-2..then value of q-p is___
3.if a-3 =10/d then values of 'a' are___and___.
4. the value of k for which given quadratic eqn have equal roots..eqn=9x^2+8xk+8=0 is_______.



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In each of these questions, an equation is given.

And we have to find out the value of a expression.

To solve these problems, we have to follow the steps below :

a. Firstly, we have to find out the value of the unknown itself by solving the given equation.

b. Lastly, we have to put the value of unknown in the given expression, and simplify accordingly.
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I need the answer for the question not steps to do it.
Please give me answers