Pollution means contamination of unwanted matters, that cause harm and discomfort to human and other organisms.Pollution is the greatest threat to humanity. There are different kinds of pollution like Air pollution, Water pollution and sound pollution. Reason of Air pollution is smoke of mills and factories. The sound and noise of loudspeakers, crackers, vehicles unnecessary loud horn etc causes sound pollution. The dirty waste chemical from factories cleaning of oil tankers causes water pollution.
We are very much concern about pollution. It is because pollution causes our health badly. It causes dreadful diseases like cancer, asthma and lever problems.
The government must impose and enforce laws to prevent pollution. Government also should reward the factories whichcontrols their waste and use technology to check pollution. Government also reward the Association which worksfor plantation. Cutting down trees must be strictly prohibitedif it is done without genuine certain reason. There must be implementation of punishing one who are not caring government rules and use microphone and loudspeakers beyond permissible limits. Above all public awareness is very much essential.
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