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I looked, looked away, and then looked again. I could not believe my eyes. There, in front of me was an alluring masterpiece, an old but beautiful painting of a geisha made on alabaster. I was stupefied by its vivacity with my mouth wide open. I hadn't even seen every bit of the painting then suddenly an amiable voice approached me saying, "Hey!!! Did you find something interesting???" It was one of my friends who had accompanied me in exploring the newly found cave deep inside the forest. I pointed towards the painting, not being able to utter a single word and as soon as she finished saying those words, she was enraptured by the sight of the picturesque in front of her. She suggested the painting to be taken and be shown to my father who was a painting exhibitor. 

I did not say anything and then I began to call all the others to see the painting. The same happened to all others, they were all awe-struck by it. The painting was so beautiful that it was a perfect epitome for modern models. My friend announced that the painting was discovered by me and that it will be shown to my father. I was eulogized by everyone for discovering such a treasure but some of my peers strongly condemned my friend's idea. A hubbub aroused among the people present there. The others did not want the painting to be given to my father and said that the painting be sold by us and the money we gain should be distributed equally among us. 

At this time, I was indecisive of what I should do. But I was thinking, I discovered the painting, so I should get all the credit. Why should everyone get equal share? To solve the matter, I called my father and he told me to give the painting to him and in return he would give Rs.10000 to each one of us and Rs.5000 plus to me. I was satisfied with the decision and told it to all others and to which everyone agreed.

When the painting was displayed in the public, I was blushing with pride when my name was called out and I could see the smirks of jealousy on many of the faces!!! I was happy that I and taken the endeavor to the cave which made me now famous.


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I looked, looked away and then looked again. I could not believe my eyes. There, in front of me was two mans who had guns who wore masks. There clothes was so dirty and old and also not in good condition. they shoot a man at front of me and there was a child also with that man whom they were kidnapping. he was crying alot but that kidnapper did not care anything about him and forcefully stuck into the car. I was so afraid and shocked after saw that. I did not understanding anything. I want to call the police but unfortunately i forgot my phone in my car. They were standing there for 10 min looking like they are waiting for someone. I was hiding before a wall they were not able to see me but i was watching everything. After 10 min they gone. I noted the no. of car and hurriedly so to police station i told them everything about this incident. Somehow they caught the kidnappers. And I was to see that the boy was fine and he did not harm.
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