Learning Maths should be compulsory for all students no matter what they are studying up until the age of 18, a government education advisor said today.Professor Steve Sparks argues that all students who continue with further education after 16 should also take a new maths qualification alongside their other subjects.He claims teaching post-16 students basic maths and statistics is vital for them to be able to compete in the modern world.He added that England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, are an 'anomaly' as most developed countries already do this. He said: 'Maths is so important in modern day life, particularly with the continued  advancements of technology, and young people really need to continue learning basic mathematics after 16 to be able to compete in the future job market. 
'We are living in a world where technology and numeracy is becoming more and more important so giving young people the opportunity to continue studying basic maths skills for just a few hours a week, without having to commit to A Level courses, seems an intrinsically sensible thing to do as a country.'A very large number of schoolchildren post-16 do very little or no mathematics in their education and yet we know the importance, particularly in today's competitive technological world, of citizens being numerate and understanding some basic mathematical principles and ideas.

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Ofcource maths is compulsory in schools