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If your writing is bad you have to start from the beginning.
As kids use Cursive Writing books, you can try them: As the cursive writing books has four lines, it might be easy for you to judge the correct size of each letters and write perfectly.
You can start writing in four-lined copies, this might be helpful.

Dont be disheartened, have confidence and give your best.
You will suceed and ALL THE BEST.

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u should try to hold ur pen in a perfect way. This has  a great influence in ur writing. While writing try to keep your book straight to your face i.e., do not turn your book sideways  keep it straight to your eyes, otherwise you will have strain in your eyes, i knew this is no the answer for your ques but try to do it, you will feel easy, even though it feels tough at the beginning.

above these follow the instruction given by shravani. You should know that your writing is having a great role in your life

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