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'Hunger'! We are all familiar to this word. We come from school or college and shout out, "Mummy ,I m hungry!". Do we ever wonder that there r millions in this world who don't have a chance to do so. Poverty is a major problem in today's world, especially in third world country's like us. This has forced people to live in streets or in extreme bad conditions in slums. Children who are in an age to learn are becoming labourers just to support their hunger. Everyone is in the search of food. We are in a country where millions of people sleep hungry everyday. 
                                                     We get a good relation of this in the story 'Hunger' by Nasira sharma . The news reporter Rizwan questions a old man about his living. The man says that he has no house to live in because he is so much poverty that he can't own a property of his own,not even in a slum. then he says that his father died because of hunger i.e. his father died due to poverty.He says that he will make his son join with him in the work even though his son is just a kid just to support hunger.he even mentions that the politicians come at the time of political campaigns and promises to resolve their problems but do nothing in the end. The needy classes stay as the are.
                                                      In the end of the story we come to know that rizwan is also in search of food. He is also hungry. He is standing all day and searching for people to interview not because he loves to do it but because he wants a solution to his hunger, a job. Through this story we also get an idea of job crisis of today's world.We realize that Rizwan's condition is the same as the old man may be not to that much extent but yes, quite similar. Hunger is the problem of everyone.
                                                        The situation has become as such that 50% of the country are on a diet to lose weight and the other half is on a diet because they don't get food.

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