There is more scope for adventure today..Turning back the pages 4 to 5 decades ago and having an insight of the people's lifestyle back then, we feel jealous in a way. there were no hustle bustle or tactic schedule or tensions and problem we encouter today and often wonder that people back then were in much greater touch with the nature and environment as we guys, the citizens of modern and high tech era do!! But it is a fact we can not deny that we have lost touch with nature and genuinity and are more tangled in fathoming the ocean of virtuality and that is the very reason why the possibility and probability for adventure has penetrated from the soil beneath in today's time!! people want to leave all the obstacle and mental dilemma which they face leave behind and submerge in the pool of utter gladness and enthusiasm where they can spend time with their family, their loved once and moreover, with themselves.thus adventures are very amazing ... Hope it helps..
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