Welfare of my society depends on my well being. It is definitely correct. The more you'll be liable and attentive for your society the more will society enhance. Welfare not only means keeping your society clean and green and more. The word welfare emphasises more on the people. That means, your nature decides your position in the society. You should be helpful to those who are in need either children, people of your age or elders. You should give your 100% in everything whether it is regarding the facilities of the society, enrichment or advancement in technology or anything etc. So your contribution means a lot as contribution not only means contributing money it means you are available at the time of need or not.

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yeah I do think that welfare of my society depends on my well being. many people think that first the society will develop and then we can develop but it is wrong actually, first we have to develop then automatically the society would develop. the welfare of my society would even the result the development of my country. so only first we have to develop then the society and even our country would develop. the development can be caused easily and even rapidly for that. the welfare of any the society the people in it should be well developed and should be well leading a very good dignified life.
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