Because it is the duty of the citizens to elect or decide their representative of the country.As in democracy, it is the citizens duty to decide the eligible candidate as their leader or representative in parliament or state legislature.Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)
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A country's system of democracy works well only if the people freely participate in its governance. It does not mean that everyone participates in it directly but that everyone has right and duty to participate in it, directly or indirectly. In a democracy, an important means for people to exercise their political power are elections. All adult men and woman vote to elect their representatives. In doing so, they are indirectly participating in the governance of the country. The elected ones take part in the government directly but on the behalf of the entire community. If people are not satisfied with their government, they can remove it in the next elections. People not all elect their government, but also control it.
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