Bangladesh from Pakistan pouring buckets of blood of hercountrymen, she got democratic phenomena having a great featuredconstitution which provides the establishment of a free and fairElection Commission by inserting Article 118-126. Article 118 of theConstitution provides for the establishment of an ElectionCommission for Bangladesh consisting of the Chief ElectionCommissioner and not more than four Election Commissioners. Theappointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other ElectionCommissioners (if any) is made by the President. When the ElectionCommission consists of more than one person, the Chief ElectionCommissioner is to act as its Chairman. Under the Constitution theterm of office of any Election Commissioner is five years from thedate on which he enters upon office. A person who has held office asChief Election Commissioner is not eligible for appointment in theservice of the Republic. Any other Election Commissioner is, onceasing to hold such office, eligible for appointment as Chief ElectionCommissioner, but is not eligible for appointment in the service of theRepublic. Powers of Election Commission (Article 118(4) and 126 ofthe Constitution, read with Article 4 of the Representation of thePeople Order, 1972): The Election Commission is an independentconstitutional body in the exercise of its functions and subject only tothe Constitution and any other law. The Commission may authorizeits Chairman or any of its members or any of its officers to exerciseand perform all or any of its powers and functions under the law.Article 126 of the Constitution and Articles 4 and 5 of theRepresentation of the People Order, 1972 provide that it shall be theduty of all executive authorities to assist the Election Commission inthe discharge of its functions. The Commission has the power torequire any person or authority to perform such functions or rendersuch assistance for the purpose of electron as it may direct. Election Commission; An upholder of electoral democracy: Election Commission is a constitutional institution which upholds theelectoral democracy and conducts the electoral process that ensures afree and fair election capable of producing an elected government. Acommon mandate for all the electoral bodies is to hold free and fairelections. Superficially, this phrase 'free and fair elections' seems verysimple and straightforward; in reality, it is loaded with tasks andresponsibilities that are overwhelming in terms of both their enormityand complexity. For turning an electoral process free and fair, itnormally ensures the following points…. o It gives permission to vote each and every eligible citizen toparticipate as a voter and as a candidate.It guarantees freely asserted democratic rights and freedom ofexpression, especially related to the will of the people inelectoral process.It secures neutrality of the authority administering electionprocedures that ensure votes will be cast freely and countedaccurately and an independent control system ensuring honestyof the process.It has been com out from the above that election is the manifestationof the basic principles of electoral democracy. Successful conduct offree and fair elections by the electoral bodies would constitute theimplementation of the goals of electoral democracy. Since theelectoral bodies are the principal instruments for the conduct ofelections, they occupy the center stage in the process of developmentof a democratic culture in a country. Powers and Function of Election Commission; Its major role: Institutionally BEC is much enriched having a vast powers andfunctions . Article-119 of the constitution of Bangladesh deals withthe functions of Election Commission. For the authenticity ofquotation, I am copying the Article-119 of the constitution:-   Article-119(1) The superintendence, direction and control of thepreparation of the election rolls for elections to the office or Presidentand to Parliament and the conduct of such elections shall vest in theElection Commission which shall, in accordance with his Constitutionand any other law-(a) Hold elections to the office of President;(b) Hold elections of members of Parliament;(c) Delimit the constituencies for the purpose of elections toParliament; and(d) Prepare electoral roles for the purpose of elections to theoffice of President and to Parliament.(2) The Election Commission shall perform such functions, inaddition to those specified in the foregoing clauses, as may beprescribed by this Constitution or by any other law.The Representation of Peoples Order, 1972 outlines theelaborate powers of the Election Commission. It isempowered to: o Appoint of Recruiting officers to supervise all work in thedistrict in connection with the conduct of elections.o Superintend, direct and control the recruiting officers.o Assign other duties and functions of the returning officers.
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