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the main slogan of democracy is "by the people and for the people" We knew that election is a major factor of the democratic country. Each one are having their own opinions to hang out with. They are also having their right to express it. So to enjoy this right we must have adult franchise. To caste vote for the desired person , to express one's opinion, to enjoy freedom , to enjoy rights, above these all to have approach to the indian  rights we must have adult franchise. So , if we are not having adult franchise, we will not be having approach to these rights. Then , there will not be any value in calling a country "democratic one"
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In the end, the statement is correct. Real democracy must be accompanied by universal adult franchise. When limitations are placed on who can participate in a democratic setting, then the entire premise of democracy is diluted, if not outright rejected.  In Greek, the word "democracy" literally means, "people rule."  This stresses the idea that in order for the system of government to work, there must be universal adult franchise.
This has been seen in the history of different nations.  For example, the United States progressed towards democracy not when it gained independence. Rather, when it made provisions for people of color, women, and young people to vote in elections, the nation progressed towards real democracy. The enfranchisement of adults became the means by which real democracy was recognized in American History.  In order for any democracy to be real and authentic, it must ensure that there is a universal sense of participation in the political process.
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