There were many initiatives taken by pm Modi to revive this drive of cleanliness. some of them include- Ganga action plan 
-swatchh bharat abhiyan
-swatchhta ka satyagrah etc.
he held many press conferences and gave many speeches in different parts of India. moreover he also swept and cleaned some previously dirty places himself. he talked to many people and raised funds for the cause. he participated and initiated numerous rallies for cleanliness.
he also made rules and regulations in schools hospitals and other public places. he created awareness among people by showing ads on TV and distributing pamphlets and leaflets in different languages in every part of India.
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thanks a lot @ SHIVGI5.your answer helped a lot. 
thanks a lot @ SHIVGI5.your answer helped a lot. i finally completed my projects
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Honorable PM Shri Narendra modi is taking many efforts to make India CLEAN as well as GREEN some of cleanliness drive are:
1- swatch Bharat abiyan.
2-swatchta satyagraha