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I)The Loo is a strong, hot and dry summer afternoon wind from the west which blows over the western Indo-Gangetic Plain region of North India and Pakistan.It is especially strong in the months of May and June. Due to its very high temperatures (45 °C–50 °C or 115°F-120°F), exposure to it often leads to fatal heatstrokes. ii) Windward is the direction upwind from the point of reference. Leeward is the direction downwind (or downward) from the point of reference. The side of a ship that is towards the leeward is its lee side. If the vessel is heeling under the pressure of the wind, this will be the "lower side."
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Ans (i) Loo is the strong hot and dry wind which blows in summer afternoons in Gangetic plains of North India and Pakistan. It becomes very strong during the months from may to June and usually ends with the arrival of monsoon.

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