Facebook is an online social networking site which was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Whatssap is a proprietary instant messaging client for smartphones. Both these works with the help of internet. Whatsapp was bought by the Facebook company on February 19, 2014. These are very useful to people as one can connect with their friends, relatives or family from any sphere of the world. Both of these was involved in many controversies but now Facebook has over 7 million active users and Whatssap has approximately 900 million users making it the most popular messaging application. These sites should never be misused as there are many problems arising due to the misuse of such sites.
Whatsapp and facebook now a days even 2 or 3 year kids know whats that every teen has an fb or whatsapp account though there parents want them to have or not . now the new thing is there are five basic needs of humans 1) water 2) shelter 3) food 4) whatsapp and 5) facebook . now a days there are new types of crimes happening cyber crimes and that's a truth anybody who you may or may not know can be your identity thief , so we should have fb or whatsapp account only if we need and stay alert about cyber crime . but the main thing is we all have it , if we need it or not but we have it .