12 may 2015
today i  went for an outing with my friends to celebrate my friend rathees birthday.
in our school it is must to inform the classteacher for taking a leave.and i called to my teacher telling that am sick so i cant attend school. teacher said okay....i  was happy to fool my teacher with a lie and then i enjoyed with my friends.later  in the evening when i went back home....moms face was different ...she was very angry..and asked me where were you..?i told : i was in school..but then she scolded me so much for lieing ...i wondered how mom came to know about this....later my small brother told me that your teacher called and asked mom what happened to rathees ..?
now i became a big fool infront of everyone......yeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh
i promise...never  i will tell lie again in life...!!!!!!!!!!
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sorry instead of rathees name it anil....
It's ok!
who is rathees