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Picnic Parties......Far from home, close to friendz, dance n eat, n this trend never shall end.
Yes this is a picnic party which has in store a lot of fun n frolic, but guyz this is not it.
I had been for a new years party n we had a gathering of around 40 people all known. After the official sign in there stood loads of sound and music which rocked all those at the dance floor. All with their rocking moves and going crazy snacking was enjoyment by itself. 
This was then followed by the grace over the meals which started quite far off late. It was jaw dropping to see various dishes of around 20 diifernt dishes all prepared to gulp down the belly. 
This was as a pot luck decided and every one had to bring something or the other which was divided and decided.
All planned turned out to be a beautiful party which had everyone returning home with tons of memories to keep for future.
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