Nowadays students are over addicted mobiles, internet as older and youth people get addict to lickers its too tough to remove from this problem.
* These also may affect their life and their family, friends and their dear ones.
* They stop talking to friends,family because they got new friends in whatsapp , gmail, facebook.
*But in it will surely affect them.
*As friends we should make them understand that this socail media is very danger.
* It also affect our studies, we will not be able to concentrate on studies and will be always thinking of that.
*So this the duty of a true friend.
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Spending time on mobile is not bad aslo because when we use it in good manner we can't affect by this type of thingh. yes it may be that playing game on mobile is harmful in our may effect the relation ship between the friends because he is giving time towards there friends thatsall
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