My school is actually at a distance of 1 and a 1/2 hour...i have a lot trouble going to i may help you out writing your letter.....u may write as........ The school timing is 8:00 am and i need to start atleast at 6:30 from my home and it's quite early.....the sky starts to lighten at it's very difficult to manage....not only morning time is a trouble...but i reach home at 5:00 pm...and it's quite time is very much reduced as compared to other students....and if i try to give more time to study i become restless....i face a lot trouble travelling from bpr to jal....first it takes 40 min frm bpr bus stand to jal bus stand....then i travel to a small chowk in auto which takes about 20 min....sometimes the auto drivers waste much time seeking other travellers...when i reach that chowk....i travel on foot from there to the school for next 10 takes about 1 hour and 20 min from my home to the school.....sometimes even 1 hr and 40 min....daily 3 hours are wasted in going to school and coming back it will be a great privilege for me if the principal arranges for some transport so that i may not waste full 3 hours....if i come directly from my home to school without stopping in between as in public takes max 40 min....i hope you understand my plight...
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Thank you for giving me your idea..
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