I am not answering because for now i cannot give u a good answer.well, it is a religion introduced by Akbar,the third Mughal emperor.In this religion there were no rituals,sacred books or any rules.It was a religion which was based on equality amd divine faith in one God.This religion did not last for long.It finished very soon after the death of Akbar.


Well, it was a religion created by Akbar.
It was meant to mixture of  all religion.
It would be not forced on public to accept it.
The only man followed it was Birbal.
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Din-i-illahi was introduced by  Akbar .this was a very simple religion that encouraged belief in one god.the practice of sun, fire and other sources of light was very impotant. through it Akbar discouraged killing of animals,sati. this religion did not have any rituals ,sacred books,places of worship or priests. 
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