There lived 2 brothers,Jack and Paul.Jack was optimistic(positive thinker) and Paul was pessimistic ( negative thinker ).They were not too good at studies.They both completed their studies in the school and went to a college.They both get the same amount of pocket money. They both had saved their pocket money for later use. Now in the college both friends need a place to live as it was far from their home.Jack in his childhood had done some work as delivery boy for some karyana shop on his bicycle and whenever he delivered something the customer gave him some tips.Jack collected all the money from the job along with his pocket money bought a flat.On the other hand,Paul decided to go on rent. When they got graduated they had to find some work for their livelihood. Jack rented his flat to 2 persons.Paul get some another place for rent.Jack get some income from the rent.Paul had left with a small amount of money so he had to work as labourer.Jack opened his own business with the help of a loan he got from the bank.Paul was afraid that what would happen if he become unable to pay the loan. After some years Jack become a big businessman and Paul was one of the 2 who got Jack's flat on rent. This shows how positive thinking led to success So, be positive be happy.