Please give answer for the ASL on the topic given below:
One of your friends has not been doing well in a science classes lately. He is scared of asking his science teacher for help because he feels that the teacher will consider him foolish for having such problems. With your partner, discuss how you can help your friend.Also make two questions with the solution on the given topic.

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U should motivate and encourage him by telling him that a teacher is there to make u comprehend the topics not scolding. U should also tell him that if we do not understand any topic, we should not hesitate but ask our teacher about how to understand and comprehend the concept. A teacher is there to help us not scold on silly things like this. She will make u explain every thing properly.Also tell him that we should not hesitate or feel shy but be courageous and ask about the concept. Q1. Do u think your friend will understand in this way?? Ans. Yes he can only understand if I have a convincing one in my voice. Q2. Do u think we should be scared of our teachers?? Ans. No, because teachers are there to help us and not consider us to be foolish or something like this. Their role is to explain the concepts. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer...
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