During a field-trip some students visited an agricultural farm and saw a few birds
eating earthworms. They enjoyed the scene and then they also started picking and
killing the earthworms for pleasure. The farmer strongly objected and asked them
to leave the field.· What could be the reason behind such a behavior of the farmer?
· What values do you find missing in the student's behavior?
· Which phylum do earthworm belong to?
· Write two identifying features of earthworm.



Earthworms helps farmer in order to make soil more fertile that's why the farmer behaved like that.

These students do not think of the importance of the other animal's life. They can kill them for their own pleasure.

Earthworms belongs to phylum Annelida. 

Earthworms are made up of small segments called 'annuli'
earthworms vary in size from 90 to 300 millimetres. 

The farmer behaved in such way because the earthworms are very helpful to him in making the soil fertile and also making it loose which helps for good penetration of roots in the soil.so he behaved in that way. Those students were actually killing earthworms for their pleasure without knowing the usefulness of earthworms. Earthworm belongs to annelida phylum of animalia. They are bilaterally symmetric, they are triploblastic, they are segmental fashioned with segments lined up one after the other from head to tail. Hope this helps you :)