Always everyone tries their best to fulfill all their responsibilities and take care of their family. But there is no guarantee for our lives, it comes with risks and unforeseen incidents that can put our family's security in water. But as the topic says an insured family is secured family, because it would provide money to our family if something bad happens to us. For the security of our family one thing we could do is take an insurance. And not only for our lives but for our vehicles also we have insurance plan. So that if any accident  happens to us and our vehicle we will get both insurances.
There are benefits in taking insurance. For individual life in case of unfortunate death of life assured 
during the policy team, provided all premiums are paid up to date.
 And in the case of joint life. The death benefit is payable on death of each life, provided the policy in force. Thus for making our family secure it is advisable that we must take insurance so that it will benefit in future.
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