Welfare of my society depend on my well being yeah really my well being would depend on the welfare of my society. if we be very good and take care of our society and its development then it would develop more faster as possible and even it can take place more and more. the well being of your/mine would be effective in the growth of your/my society. the society in which you would live the development will be more in an effective when we contribute something towards the economy, infrastructure and all aspects that are there to be developed. the welfare of the society first would take place effectively when there would no poverty and all the illegal corruption so these should be stopped first and then automatically you can see the development and that too in an great ration as you never seen before. the development should only be in money or it should be in all aspects. the well being would of-course effect the society and its welfare and development.
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Nature of a person holds a very important factor in the development of the society or country. How a person responds or reacts towards a particular situation comes up with an impact on the society, and that impact effect the society whether directly or indirectly. A positive response comes up with improvement and change and a negative response with can come as a disaster. So, it is very important that a person should be well being and than only can bring about a change in the society.
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