The formula for sodium zeolite is Na2O. Al2O3. XSiO2. YH2O. Where X = 2 – 10 and Y = 2 – 6. This may be regarded as a hydrated sodium aluminosilicate which is capable of reversibly exchanging its sodium ions with the alkaline earth group cations generally present in water. Zeolites are of two types.Natural zeolitesSynthetic zeolitesNatural zeolites are amorphous in nature and are derived from green sands by washing, heating and treating with NaOH. The most commonly used natural zeolite is natrolite (Na2Al2O3.4SiO2.2H2O) and it possesses good durability.Gel-structured synthetic zeolites are porous and they can be prepared by heating together solutions of sodium silicate, aluminium sulphate and sodium aluminate. Synthetic zeolites posses higher exchange capacity per unit weight when compared to the natural ones.Having problem with Electrolytes Definition keep reading my upcoming posts, i will try to help you.
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zeolite are a large group of natural and synthetic aluminium silicates.The particle is percolated  through  the bed zeolite housed in a cylindrical unit. The hardness causing cations like Ca raised 2+ and Mg raised 2+ are retained by the Zeolite as CaZ and MgZ and the water flowing out contains the sodium salts .

When Zeolite is exhausted it is regenerated using 10% of sodium chloride solution. The residual hardness of water from this process is 0-15ppm.  

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